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We’re Cooking With Gas: How Gas Ranges Save Energy

Gas stoves are more energy efficient than electric ranges and cost less to operate. This is true if the gas range is equipped with electronic ignition rather than a pilot light because a pilot light constantly burns. On average electric stoves, cost about 56 a year to operate and gas ranges cost about 28 operate [...]

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5 Energy Efficient Appliances For The Kitchen

You should consider your monthly electric bill when planning to remodel your kitchen. Replace your old appliances with new models that are energy efficient. Listed below are the top five energy efficient kitchen appliances that can reduce your energy usage and save money on your electric bill each month. 1. Cook stove Replace your traditional [...]

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Tennis Balls Save Money And Improve Dryer Efficiency

With energy costs as high as they are, one habit we all have a hard time breaking is using the clothes dryer after we wash our clothes. Line drying is ideal, but many of us don’t have the time to line dry consistently. Not to mention, the space it requires to hang line outside. For [...]

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Using Clothes’ Lines Saves Energy And Makes Whites Whiter

Although clothes dryers are getting more energy efficient over the years, it is still expensive to do all of the laundry in one. There is actually a free way to dry clothes that helps stop wrinkles and makes whites whiter, using the sun. A clothes line may be slower than a dryer but this method [...]